About Us

Hiep Phuoc Power Company project is one of three projects of The Central Trading & Development (CT&D) Group in Ho Chi Minh City. Its purpose is to ensure an adequate supply of electricity to the surrounding area. This project, which is a B.O.O project, received an investment license in June 1993 and is the first 100% foreign-owned power company in Vietnam operating its own power plant and exclusive power supply territory.

The Hiep Phuoc Power Plant (company) is located at the riverbank of Soai Rap River, 15km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Originally the planned total capacity is 675MW, which will be built in two phases over a site area of 50 plus hectares. The first phase of Hiep Phuoc Power Plant consists of 3 units of 125MW genset and the total investment is USD 280 million. The construction work of the first phase was started in September 1994. Since July of 1998, all three units have been commissioned and connected to the national power grid. The power generated by Hiep Phuoc Power Plant has been transmitted out by 110kv transmission lines.

Ever since the power plant was in operation, through continuous effort and improvement works the gen-sets have maintained a good operational capability. The annual output is up to more than 2 billion kWh, while fuel and water consumption per kWh has decreased over time. In December 2000 and October 2002, Hiep Phuoc Power Plant received respectively an ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Further in January 2010, Hiep Phuoc Power Company also received ISO 9001:2008 certificate. It has realized the targets of “safety, stability, economics and progress.”

Despite numerous difficulties, Hiep Phuoc Power Company has perfectly realized its commitment to its power supply territory. By the middle of 2011, because the power supply in southern Vietnam has become much stabler than 1990's, Hiep Phuoc Power Company decided to return its power supply area to national power grid and to concentrate its operation as an independent power plant of which the power will be solely sold to the Vietnam Electricity Company (EVN). With the solid achievement it has reached in the past 15 years, Hiep Phuoc Power will keep devoting itself to the power sector of Vietnam for the greater power supply.

Currently, Hiep Phuoc Power Company is planning its future development with an expansion project on firing natural gas. A work to change its boiler from burning heavy fuel oil to burning gas has been completed, and natural gas has been supplied to Hiep Phuoc Power Plant since October 2009. In addition, not being limited by the original planned capacity, HPPC has been applying for a new investment license of a combined cycle unit of 780MW for the second phase, and a feasibility study is also under working. After the consummation of 780 MW expansion capacity, Hiep Phuoc Power Company shall become the backbone of the national power grid of Vietnam.