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Mr. Zhang Yin-Fu

Mr. Zhang Yin-Fu took his first job in 1977, served for Tangshan Central Power Station. From 1981 to 1983, he studied power system in Beijing Electricity College. Later in September 1991, Mr. Zhang graduated from Nanjing Hohai University, majored at materials management of electrical enterprise. He was promoted to the plant manager of Tangshan Central Power Station in 1996. By the end of the same year, he was appointed as the plant manager of Douhe Power Station, which became the first class coal-fired power plant after his two-year hard working. From 2000 till now, Mr. Zhang has been working for CT&D as the General Manager of Hiep Phuoc Power Company (HPPC). In 2002, he was also appointed as the general Manager and the director of Macro Technology Incorporation.