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Electrical Facilities Maintenance and Repairing

Aside from business of power supply and M&E services, HPPC also provide following services:

  1. Design, installation, commissioning, construction and supervision, technology consultation, repairing and maintenance of high and low voltage electric equipments (voltage ranks 110KV15-22KV380/220V).
  2. Installation, commissioning, repairing and maintenance of automatic regulation system, automatic control system and important equipments protection system of instrument and control facilities.
  3. Examination, repairing and maintenance of thermal mechanical facilities’ high and low pressure boilers, diesel generators, cooling equipments and various types of air-conditioner; processing of various kinds of machine components; welding of all types of non-ferrous metals and high pressure pipes.
  4. Examination, repairing and maintenance of chemical water treatment equipments and online monitoring equipments; chemical analysis of oil, water and gas.