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M&E and Distribution Network Work

  • Power system related work, including design, installation, repairing, maintenance; and other kinds of service such as setting up charging and accruing system of electricity fee, providing management and services of electrical and mechanical installation;
  • Consultation, design, installation, supervision, construction and repairing of firefighting system;
  • technical consultation, design, installation, supervision and repairing of water supply & drainage in civil buildings, as well as sanitary sewage and industrial drainage system;
  • research, design, installation, repairing of electrical and mechanical units;
  • consultation, design, supervision, installation, testing, repairing of boiler system such as blower, pumping, valve, methane gas, natural gas, LPG; as well as air-conditioning, ventilation, dry system;
  • consultation, design, supervision, installation, testing and repairing of elevator, escalator and lifting equipment;
  • Consultation, design, supervision, installation, test and maintenance of intercom system, internal data system, internal television system, intercommunication system and internal monitoring system.