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Power Supply Activity

Before July 31th of 2011, HPPC had three exclusive power supply territories, which included Phu My Hung new city center, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone and Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park. After returning these three areas to national power grid, HPPC concentrates on supplying power to EVN by 110KV lines. In addition to the transfer of above-mentioned three areas, HPPC has been co-operating with EVN on power sale business. From the first commissioning of the units in 1998 till now, the accumulative amount of electricity sold to EVN has reached about 11.5 billion kWh. During the dry season of 2001, even more than 45% of the power demand in Ho Chi Minh City was supplied by HPPC.  This record strongly illustrates that HPPC plays an important role in Vietnam whether in the past, at present or in the future. To meet this future demand, development is underway on a second phase expansion. We are planning to install 780MW combined cycle gensets. Once our plan is consummated, HPPC will achieve the goal as the leading power supplier to the Vietnamese national power grid.

110kv transmission line
110KV transmission line

Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone

PMH New Urban Area

Tan Thuan EPZ